3 Primary Tips for Pellet Mills


There are three must-do to operate your pellet mill effectively.

Moisture content of raw materials must be kept beneath 16%

To create a quality pellet, massive mechanical pressure is needed to create binding of the raw supplies. The moisture influence the pellet quality directly. During the pelletizing, friction will produce heat which might heat up the temperature to 90 centigrade and the moisture in the raw material will evaporate. Experiment proved that pellet high quality will probably be decreased when the material moisture exceeds 16%.

Particle size

The material for creating pellets ought to e of exact same particle size. Shavings will cause blockages in the feed mechanisms and bigger bodies (chips and off cuts) may cause mechanical failures. You have to procedure the materials with a chopper or a hammer mill for appropriate particle size. A hammer mill can do the job of crushing the big particles into tiny particles. Larger bodies ought to be granulated or milled down to pass via a 6mm screen.

Sawdust/reed/straw mixes
When compressing different materials, you are able to adjust the addition of water and binder to make smooth operation accessible. The quantity of additive are various when added to various supplies. As a result if you want to make high quality pellets, you aren’t supposed to feed constantly varying materials in to the pellet mill. It’s the same in the situation of straw types or mixtures of straw and wood sawdust. Nevertheless, if differing materials are presented in a consistent ratio and mix by way of a proportioner mill, additives may be adjusted to suit, and high quality pellets will be created.

Adhere to these three important steps as well as your biomass pellet machine will operate to its optimum possible.

Whenever you searching for pellet mill manufacturers, GEMCO is which you can by no means miss.

You are able to find pellet mill machines for various biomass supplies in this business. We also make our personal hammer mills and blenders to mix different raw supplies into a constant stream of biomass item.


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