Utilization Distinction between Ring Die Pellet Mill and Flat Die Pellet Mill


This Passage will tell the usage distinction in between flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Beneath would be the primary points:

1. Ring die pellet making machine with is characterized by large output, much less energy consumption is a specialist in animal feed, the flat die pellet machine is not exactly the same. Together with other reasons, the machine’s speed is decrease than its production is obviously less than ring pellet machine, but because of its pressure, it could highly suppress fine feed.
two. It requires a lot more for wood chips, straw, meal, discarded tires along with other difficult to heat crude fiber to form granulation and municipal solid waste, sewage treatment, animal manure as well as other organic fertilizer granulation, whilst refined corn meal feed components are usually much more viscous and simpler to shape, demands small pressure to pelletize. The uncontrollable pressure of ring die pellet mill triggered by structural constraints will suppress these supplies beyond the pressure load, that will outcome in roller bearing wear or broken. And also the pressure of flat die pelelt mill is adjustable based on various supplies.
3. The yield og flat die pellet mill ranges in 300-3000 kg although the advantages of flat die machine structure is much less put on and tear. So if you wish to use one of those machines to complete production of 3 tons or much more, the best option is to use ring die pellet machine. Nevertheless, the corn stalks are easy to press which makes the machine restricted to grain corn stalks.

The worldwide needs of wood pellet making will probably be met with expert pellet mill. Die pellet mill for biomass pellets, wood pellets, grass pellets and so on.


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