How to Make Your personal Wood Pellets


It isn’t that difficult to master the ability of making wood pellets by your self especially whenever you have produced up your thoughts.With the right knowledge in addition to a pellet mill you can make your own pellets for your self and your buddies or even begin a profitable wood pellet business.

At the starting, individuals use big scale pellet mill to create wood pellets but as time goeson, small scale pellet mills are getting simple operation and handy for the users. With the capability for individuals to make their own wood pellets, pellet stoves now have much more appeal than ever.

The raw materials for pellet creating are various, such as wood, paper, cardboard, straw, yard wastes, corn stalks and so on organic material. The material needs to become broken into small pieces about the size of sawdust or smaller. A chipper or a hammer mill can do the job perfect.


You will need the material to become dry, around 10-20% moisture content based on the material. In the event you cannot get it this dry leaving it out within the sun or air drying it you may need a drier.


Conditioning is to adjust the material moisture for neither too dry nor also wet is proper for pelletizing. You should manage the moisture at around 10-20%.

A binding agent like vegetable oil, flour corn starch and such like occasionally maybe necessary based on the material as well as your pellet mill. The binder is like the glue that holds the pellet with each other. Some supplies like softwoods have sufficient all-natural binding agents and will not require any extra binders. Customers make decision on the basis of the raw matrials used and also the pellet mill.


Once the material is conditioned and mixed sufficient so that it’ll be constant it is time to turn it into a pellet. A pellet mill consists of a roller and a die. Die is made of metal on which there are lots of pellet sized holes. The roller lies on one side of the die and press the material through the holes in the die.

When the material pass through the holes it is compressed into pellets. The friction generates heat sufficient to melt the binder you place in. The pellets are produced when get out from the holes from the other side of the die and after colling for minutes.

As I need to let you know the working principle and this might sounds difficult however the practical operation is not that complicated, if you are the new newbie you may require time to do some trials. Experience will be the very best teacher and you can’t master the ability unless you practice. You’ll find it fun and enhoy the process of creating pellets in your personal.


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