Making Wood Pellet with Complete Wood Pellet Line


Pellet fuel has become the first option to change the conventional fuel like coal and oil because of its great financial effectiveness and the social effectiveness. In the pelletizing process, waste will be recycled and converted into useful pellets. For people who can entry the raw materials, regardless of small ones and also the heavy commercial ones, pellet mills will be an investment of option. If you want to set up your own company, complete wood pellet line will be the perfect choice. One stands to achieve having a total wood pellet line if he lives near the woods.

Now we’ll see the introduction of process. At a wood pellet mill the materials is dried, compressed and formed into small eraser-sized bits. They are clean, fragrant and smooth towards the touch. Envision that you are placing these pellet fuel into your fireplace for heating or sell them to make cash, is it extremely inspiring.

Initially, we should make distinct the available wood pellet mill material. Pellet fuel is mostly produced of sawdust and similar products of lumber and woodworking for example wood chips, wood particles and this kind of like. Other typical raw materials include corn husks and other broadly accessible biomass refuses. Wood pellet mill materials is important for that materials you feed into your complete wood pellet line will become pellets from which you are expecting for benefit.

The comprehensive product description is as follows.Or you can click

Smashing system: The wood pellet mill materials should be small sufficient. Wood chipper will probably be necessary to crush the material into proper dimension if the dimensions from the wooden raw material are higher than 50*50*10 mm (L*W*H). A hammer mill otherwise you can all it crusher is then used to grind the material into segments less than 3 mm in length.

Drying System: The moisture of raw supplies must be requested. The best moisture content for pelletization is about 13-15%. The rotary dryer is comprised of a stove and primary dryer element which may decrease the moisture from 60% to 10%. Usually, the stove is fueled by coal, that will reduce the electrical energy bill. If the greatest wood pellets are what you would like, then put the supplies into machine only once the moisture is qualified.

Pelletizing System: Even under adverse conditions, the heavy-duty gearbox construction from the machines can produce constantly. The key achievements within the style are higher performance, durability and reduced upkeep costs. The primary elements are comprised of alloyed steel for power and perform capability, with the die produced of stainless steel. Available capacities range from 200 kg to 3 tons per hour.

Cooling, Sieving, Bagging Method: Following the pelletization process, the temperature from the wood pellets is between 60-80 degrees Celsius. The pellets’ moisture content material is typically about 15%. A cooler is necessary for decreasing the moisture simultaneously reducing the temperature of the pellets. Then the pellets will probably be packed for storage and transport.


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