What is Low Carbon Steel


Reduced carbon steel can also be known as mild steel because of its low power, hardness, carbon content of this kind of steel ranges from 0.10% to 0.30%. Reduced carbon steel is simple to be processed, like forging, welding and cutting, often used for manufacturing chain, rivets, bolts, shaft, etc. Its carbon content is less than that of carbon steel. It includes most of ordinary carbon structural steel and a part of top quality carbon steels, mostly without warmth therapy used in engineering structure, some by carburizing as well as other heat therapy used for that wear-resisting of mechanical components.

Ferrite along with a little amount of pearlite are contained in Annealing organization of low carbon steel, it’s low power and hardness and much better plasticity and toughness. As a result of good cold forming performance, it could use edge, bending, stamping and so forth forming methods for cold forming. This steel has good weldability. But reduced carbon steel cutability is not satisfying simply because of the low carbon content and reduced hardness, we are able to improve the cutability via normalizing therapy.Maybe you will be intrested in the ASTM Steel Pipe.

Low carbon steel is usually rolling into angle steel, channel steel, joist steel, steel pipe, steel belt, or steel plate, can be utilized for manufacturing all sorts of building component, containers, physique, furnace and agricultural implements and so on. Top quality reduced carbon steel is usually rolling into thin plate, and utilized to make the car engine cover, cab and so on deep blunt goods. Additionally, it rolled into bar, utilized to make mechanical parts that requires not high strength. Generally, warmth therapy before using isn’t necessary for reduced carbon steel, reduced carbon steel of 0.15% or more carbon content material through the carburizing or offer with cyanide, utilized for spare parts like high temperature resistance, great surface axis, bushings, sprocket and so on.

Due to lower power, the usage of reduced carbon steel is restricted. Appropriate growing manganese content, and add trace vanadium, titanium, niobium alloy component in carbon can greatly improve the power of low carbon steel. If decrease carbon content within the steel and add a bit aluminum, a small amount boron and carbide form components, then we are able to get ultra-low carbon bainite group which power is very higher, and the plasticity and toughness is good. In this situation, the performance of reduced carbon will probably be enhanced and also the application will probably be broad.

Simply because of the inherent characteristics of unique low carbon steel, the application range is significantly limited, with some new technologies in domestic steel business, the application of a lot of the emerging utilizes low carbon steel have already been very nicely developed and utilized, some domestic big steel mills or steel trading company were energetic closely cooperate with one another and typical development a series of high technologies higher precision top quality goods, perform a good function of advertising technologies within the global and domestic industry, many in the business are getting the greater evaluation. Additionally, it gives us the comprehensive utilization of reduced carbon steel, indicated that the new road.


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